I know personally what it’s like to not feel and function at your best. I have a deep rich healing personal journey thru childhood trauma, rape, addiction, an unhealthy unconnected, non dharmic lifestyle, self harm, long term suicidal depression, chronic illness and autoimmune, gut issues, melanoma, anxiety, mini stroke and weight/body issues. 
At my lowest mentally and physically Ayurveda found me from a recommendation after years of pain and diagnosis’s. Within 6mths of following my Drs protocol I was feeling, functioning and looking better than I ever had. Yoga had been in my life from the age of 8 but it now had formed a much bigger picture working with Ayurveda. 
I learnt as much as I could while I healed, working an apprenticeship and studying non stop the modalities and methods I knew worked and believed in. 
This is my dharma. To help you be more connected - mind | body | soul | earth so that you can feel and function better. So you can obtain balance and grounding. So you can manage whatever life throws at you with grace. So you can heal. So you can find bliss in the magic and lessons of life. 
Connection has long been my dream and vision- a platform to combine herbal medicine, Ayurveda, Wayapa, Yoga, Counselling and bodywork to give you the best combination and support. 
I will be forever grateful for these traditional modalities and their wisdom to guide us back to rhythm and balance. Forever devoted to my own health and to be of service to others. Forever in awe and wanting to protect Mother Earth. And I will forever be a student. 


Current : 

Shadow yoga 

Complementary medicine 

Herbal medicine for dogs 

Kaya Mindlin 

Australian plant medicine 


Yoga teaching 800hr 

Reiki Level 2 

Marma point therapy 

Vedic energy healing 

Vedic counselling 


Trauma counselling 

Western herbal medicine

Ayurvedic herbal medicine

Ayurvedic treatment technician 

Ayurvedic apprenticeship 2yrs 

Ayurveda level 1 & 2 

Whole food Nutrition 

Clinic hours 3500+ 

Intuitive Balinese massage and healing 

Wayapa Diploma 

Pulse diagnosis 

Environmental sustainability practices 




Visual merchandising 


Fashion design