mālā Beads

mālā Beads

* Sustainable Neem Wood 
* Organic Cotton 
* Naturally hand dyed with Turmeric 
* Magically potent
* Supporting widows in India 
* Includes: How to use video and card with personal mantra for Jappa meditation. 

I did a lot of research into wood and sustainable practices to find most mala beads are made from rosewood or sandalwood - both endangered. Or crystals - also very hard to get sustainable. 

Neem wood is one of the only sustainable woods on the planet. I was able to find a group of widowed women in India, who together make these beads- chanting as they do- your purchase will directly support them. They are then tied together with organic cotton thread. 
And using organic Turmeric that’s grown right on the farm I live on I then naturally dye the necklackes. 
The colour is vibrant. While Turmeric is a sacred spice in India, Yellow to me is an ode to my mother- her favourite colour, for how bright and happy it would make her even thru hardships, how it represents the sun, how it’s the colour of joy. 

These beads have been blessed so many times thru their process - from the women in India, the whole dyeing process, they have rinsed in sea water and rain, dried in the sun and wind, moon bathed, hanged in trees and laid on rocks.. soaking up all the elements of earth. I’ve cleansed them with incense, chimes, herbal sticks, given mantra, blessings, reiki and even had on my alter the whole teachings of Navarati with @kaya chanting and sharing stories. 

If you’ve never used Mala beads - do not worry you’ll receive a handout and on how to with a mantra with every purchase. 

Jappa Meditation is my daily non-negotiable. It can be done in 5mins or as long as you want. It instantly grounds, connects and soothes. Brings focus. It’s the meditation I recommend especially for anxiety and depression, for new-bees and staying with a practice. It’s repetition of mantra with the beads so your senses are totally immersed. 

And you form a relationship with them- just having them safely on you at times can bring you straight into muscle memory relaxation. 

There are 108 beads on a mala necklace- 108 is such a sacred number and I’ll be sharing more on that later, such as how there is 108 energy channels within the body. 

These are very limited with more stock to come later.