Tridoshic Spice Blend |

Tridoshic Spice Blend |

Making it easier for you to enjoy the rich benefits of Spices- simply use in any meal, even plain rice. Great with slow cooked meals, stir frys, soups. Recommend to cook the spices in a pan with ghee / butter / good oil first to realise flavour then add to food. This blend builds fire in the belly, helping digestion and absorbtion of nutrients. Rich in minerals and vitamins. Use during winter and cooler months, for kapha imbalances and to help shift heaviness, fatigue, depression in the body. 


Turmeric root | Curry powder | Black Pepper | Clove Buds | Star Anise | Sea Salt | Cinnamon chips | Ginger root | Fennel seeds | Cumin seeds | Coriander seeds | Cardamom pods |


Adds warmth and flavour. Use whole or grind. 

All ingredients organic- sea salt is collected by hand in La Perouse.